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When I got the SEO suggestion for this topic from a very reliable and industrious next door neighbor of mine, I was skeptical, I took it home and show it to my editor, I was expecting negative reactions but contrarily he approves it for me to go on with the research, but promised  to search for the appropriate to work abroad without work permit

Here  is How To Work Abroad Without Work Permit


You don’t need a work permit to go into network marketing because it’s a universal system of distributing and selling of movable items or products.

You may want to know what is network marketing? With reference to Network marketing is defined as follows: A distribution model in which sales reps are compensated for sales they generate, and also for sales made by reps they recruit, creating a downline of distributors and multiple levels of compensation based on group sales volumes.

All you need to do is to have the passion for a particular product and find a way of introducing it through fliers or pamphlets to an interested person on arrival in a country, regardless of having the product with you when on a publicity tour. As you get interested buyers, you order or send for the product from your base. The more the local you were able to bring in, the more your downlines increases. This will definitely enables you to establish base in that country.

Network marketing remain one of the smartest way a hardworking  person can make money anywhere legally, without work permit.

Try it. If you’re in doubt fell free to contact this site to link you up with experts in network marketing, on ways network marketing functions in lifting people up.



It is common nowadays to see some smart guys researching exportable items from a particular country and sent it by cargo plane. While enjoying your holiday you can employ the local clearing agents to do the work of getting the goods clear for you. Distribute it within a short time and continue your visiting. Very many top executives from all over the world especially Indians, Chinese, Lebanese and other Asians are using visiting and business visas to come for serious business meetings, distributions of various imported products, serving all segments of developing nation’s trade and business environment, using their hotel and friends accommodations as offices, come and go within the validity of their visas.


There is no law that says when you arrived a place like Brussels, Amsterdam or Frankfurt you cannot attend their car market or engage in buying of different types of vehicles and send them home. Or you arrived Barcelona, Zurich or Milan and you should not go for fashionable items that sells very fast in your country. So, when you are in Europe don’t just admired their modern vehicles and electronics, ask for their used car market and spare parts, buy and send their home, buyers are waiting for you right from the sea port.


Right from the time you step inside the plane you can start serious writing instead of playing a game. Writing can fetch good money if you know where to focus your efforts. Site such as and are platforms that bring freelancers with companies and people who need their services.


Coming from a country where English is the official language gives you an advantage. English has become a universal language and it is possible to find people who want to learn how to read and write English in many countries of the world. You teach, they pay.

  • #6. PICK FRUITS 

Drop your bag, get out of the downtown and go to the farm settlement start picking fruits. Fruits picking is possible in some countries such as Israel (in the 80s) and Australia. When we were studying in Europe in the late 70s we used to travel to Israel just to pick fruits. The more you pick the more they pay you.


If you are an expert in a certain area or skill that is well sought after, such as Conflicts Resolutions or Gerontology which is the ability to take care of aged or the comprehensive study of aging and the problems of the aged. Go online and study where you can be of help, and get paid.


If you have the technical knowledge of how to organize events,  you can do it when you are overseas without formal employment.  I’ve seen Event organisers coming to Nigeria from UK delivering lectures or involved in events organisation, stay for few days and returned to base.

  • 9. VLOGGING 

Finally, you can set up Vlogging, whereby you move from one point to another in your daily routine, explore the town or city, video activities that interest you, post them on youtube, in different forms and titles, before you know it, you’re in money.

BOTTOM LINE: These are some of what you can do abroad without work permit. If you focus your mind to achieve something or to make more money while you travel you can do it without any hindrance.

For more information on How you can work abroad without work permit fill free to contact this website


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