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The country of Uganda officially known as the Republic of Uganda is a landlocked country located in Eastern Africa with no sea shore for trading. In the East, it is bordered by Kenya and by South Sudan to the North, the Democratic Republic of Congo borders it to the west while to the southwest, it is bordered by Rwanda and Tanzania to the South respectively.

Uganda is a country that has been blessed with a very rich wildlife and the country features infrastructure for tourism that is well developed, taken care of and maintained.

In this beautiful African country, there are more than 1000 species of birds and there are animals such as mountain gorillas and chimpanzees amongst others. For many people who fancy traveling in a tropical climate, this county is a very prime vacation spot where one can come to relax and fully enjoy nature.

Ugandan Passport Visa Free Countries

Ugandan Passport Visa Free Countries

Uganda has various languages such as Swahili, Arabic, and Ganda spoken by its people, but the official language of the country is English. The country is known to be very welcoming to strangers and the people are very accommodating to those coming from other countries into Uganda.

Despite being a tropical paradise on its own, there are citizens of the country who like to travel as well, as it is to be expected. After all, the world is much too large for one to remain in one place for the entirety of one’s life, especially when it can be helped.

There are many things that might prevent one from traveling, including visa problems and money problems and, luckily for Ugandans interested in traveling, this article aims at solving one of those problems.

All over the world, there are countries where a person armed with a Ugandan passport can travel to, without needing to purchase a passport before leaving. It is indeed a sad but very factual reality that a large number of Ugandans are not aware that there are countries worldwide that they can travel to without needing to get a visa. Once they have their passport and are able to pay for the ticket for the journey, they are good to go.

The way it works is, most of these visa-free countries have attached a time frame to the visa-free offer and within that time, any visiting Ugandan can stay without a visa, however, once the time allocated is up, the person would either need to get a visa, or simply return to his or her home country.

If one were to decide to stay longer than is allowed by the visa-free offer, then one would need to get a visa to make that decision legal and admissible.

This article aims at listing and to an extent, discussing some of those countries where a Ugandan can travel to without a visa and not be breaking the law. As much as possible, the countries are going to be placed under the continent in which they can be found.




The continent of Africa, after Asia, is the second largest continent in the world. To the east, it is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, to the North, it is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea, it is bounded by the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea to the East and to the South, it is bounded by waters made by a mingling of the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. It makes up about one-fifth of the total land surface of the earth.

With an approximated total land area of 11,724,00. Square miles, one can see that the second position is indeed well deserved.

There are various Islands associated with the continent of Africa, the most prominent of them being Madagascar, one of the biggest Islands in the world. Seychelles and Socotra are other islands associated with this continent. To the east, we also have islands such as Mauritius and Comoros amongst others.

As a continent, Africa contains a vast wealth of mineral resources including, but not restricted to fossil fuels, metallic ores, gems and so on. The continent also has a rich agricultural heritage.

Countries in Africa which allow Ugandans to travel to them without acquiring a visa are as follows:

  •    Botswana: This country which is located in the southern region of Africa allows Ugandans to visit and stay the a period if 90 days max.
  •    Gambia: Ugandans are allowed to travel to Gambia without getting a visa prior and stay for about 90 days max. The only condition attached however, is that the visitor must first receive an entry clearance issued by the Immigration in Gambia before embarking on the trip.
  •    Kenya: Kenya allows Ugandans visiting to come in without a visa and even stay for as long as three months visa-free.
  •    Lesotho: Ugandans who want to travel to this culturally rich country need not bother about visa just yet as the country allows you come in for 14 days without any visa.
  •    Rwanda: This is another African country to which to which Ugandans can travel visa-free and even stay for a period of 6 months.
  •    Tanzania: This beautiful African country allows Ugandans stay for 3 months without having a visa.
  •    Zambia: The visa-free time range lasts a maximum of 90 days.
  •    Zimbabwe: visiting Ugandans can stay 3 months without a visa
  •    Egypt: This country also allows a visa-free travel experience, but it only lasts for 15 days and is only granted for those who will be visiting the South Sinai Resorts



Covering about 30% of the land on Earth and about 8.7% of the Earth’s total surface, spanning about 43,810,582 square kilometers, Asia is the biggest continent in the world and the most populous.

Asia is bordered to the East by the Ural mountains, the Arctic Ocean to the North, the Pacific Ocean to the west and to the South, the Indian Ocean.

The highest point in the world, Mount Everest, located in the Himalayas, specifically in the Tibetan region, is located in this continent.

Some countries that allow Ugandans to visit visa-free on this continent are:

  •    Home Kong: For those who would like to visit China, good news, you can do so with nothing else but your Ugandan passport and ticket, for a period of 30 days.
  •    Malaysia: This beauty Southeast Asian country, notable for being both a good place for vacation as well as for business is open to Ugandans visa-free, for a period of 2 months maximum.
  •    The Philippines: Ugandans intent on visiting the Philippines can do so without fear and just with their passport and ticket for a period of 21 days. For those who feel this time will not be enough to carry out the activity, they intend to carry out, a visa granting 59 days can be collected upon arrival in the country.
  •    Singapore: With a teeming population of about 5 million people, furnished with beautiful scenery and lots of resorts, this Asian country is a hot location for vacationers. Ugandans are allowed a stay is up to 30 days without needing to provide a visa.



All the countries within the continents of both North and South America are summed up under the Americas.

Below are some countries here that allow Ugandans visit visa-free:

  •    Jamaica: This Caribbean Island nation is complete with a beautiful topography made up of lush mountains, rainforests as well as beaches lined with reefs. Ugandans can visit visa-free for a period of 180 days.
  •    Barbados: This country which is situated in the Caribbean region in North America is a vacationer’s paradise. Ugandans looking to relax and have a good time in this country can stay for up to 6 months visa-free.
  •    Bermuda: For those Ugandans in search of adventure, it is in no short supply in this country and what’s more? You are allowed to visit visa-free and stay for a period less than 6 months.
  •    Bahamas: Adventure and relaxation seekers alike troop to this North American Island often to get their needs satisfied. Ugandans can travel to this country visa-free and stay for a 3 month period.



This is a geographical region made up of Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia and finally, Australasia.

Countries here to which Ugandans can travel visa-free are:

  •    Fiji: This beautiful but relatively unknown Island with a population of less than a million is another place that Ugandans can visit offering up to 4 months visa-free.
  •    Antigua and Barbuda: This small and relatively unknown country is actually a sovereign state and boasts a population of less than a 100 thousand. Ugandans looking to travel to this country can do so visa-free for a one month period.



While this list is not exhaustive, it covers a fair amount of countries out of the total amount Ugandans can travel to visa-free. Before making a trip, it is important to check to find out if perhaps one could visit the country without needing to go through the hassle of getting a visa.


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