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Before you set out for the United States of America looking for better life, it is important you equip yourself with the kind of job you can get quickly in the US and the steps to take in meeting their requirements or training, in order not to start on a wrong note. Your commencement point is very vital because a misstep could be very costly and derail your entire future. These are the “top 15 jobs with good pay in USA for foreigners” which we hope will assist you in your decision-making.






This is our number one pick because there is a huge need for soft ware engineers right now in the USA. Due to rapid growth of information technology, this profession is in high demand.
According to the A software engineer designs, develops, maintains and evaluates software, applications or systems that make software work.



Don’t be surprised, plumbers are in great demand right now. No matter how modern a building is constructed there will come a time for water system maintenance, leakages and blockages here and there need the attention of professional plumbers. Take it or leave it, cities construction and maintenance requires the services of plumbers. They are in high demand over there right now. Plumber is one of the 15 top jobs with good pay in the USA for foreigners currently.



This is one profession that is making wave in the USA right now. With modern technology and the coming of driverless vehicle, truck driving is now made simple. Most healthy adults with sound knowledge of driving can handled truck. It is no longer a job for the hard guys. Therefore get a driver’s license and Google map you’re on your way to a good pay.
Please note that,  truck driving is one of few profession where you requires no bachelor degree. Smart people use this as a take off point, no matter their level of education or background.



Despite the fact that you are a qualified medical doctor from your country, you cannot arrived US and begin to practice your profession, it takes a long process, further training and patience before you join them, therefore you can start as physician assistance, which requires few years to acquired and start practices under the supervision of a physician.



This is a medical professional working under a qualified pharmacist. They are in great demand right now because of increased health or drug needs of people and shortages of pharmacist who must have a Doctor of Pharmacy as well as a licence before practising.
Pharmacy technician is the one who dispense medications to patients in accordance with prescriptions from medical doctors.



This is the common job for the new arrivals.
Nowadays that US is facing unprecedented mad and insane shooters, shooting people anyhow, there is a big increase in demand for security personnel. With few weeks training in weapon handling and training or surveillance training, you can obtain security job with good pay in the USA.
Security personnel is another profession that doesn’t required a bachelor degree. In most cases you need only about one academic year certificate course.



With baby boomers everywhere, the service of nurse midwife become indispensable. This is a registered nurse with additional training as a midwife who delivers infants and provides prenatal and postpartum care, newborn care, and some routine care such as gynecological examination of women.
The service of nurse midwife is in high demand presently, with few additional training in the US, you cannot stay a day without good job with good pay.



If you’re good in mathematics and with a bachelor degree and you’re receiving low pay and poor condition of service in one unappreciated school here, please pack your bags and head straight to the US work is waiting for you. Your profession is one of the top 20 jobs with good pay in the USA for foreigners right now.
Over there,  you have choices of being in the classrooms, government buildings or be a computer programmer.



The work performed by nurse Anesthetic is so important in medical surgery that no hospital or medical surgeon commences surgery without a nurse Anesthetic.
Their work is vital and in great demand but qualified nurse Anesthetic are very few, hence the reason why the job is in high demand right now in the US.
For definition purpose, according to “” It defined the profession as a type of advanced practice registered nurse, nurse Anesthetics work with patients regarding anesthetic treatment before, during and after surgery, as well as with therapy or other medical procedures.



Nowadays hacking and hackers are everywhere, cyber attack is increasing daily. Some people are out there to steal or destroyed data. Works of twenty years can be taken away in a second if your cyber security is not on the alert. Hence the needs for information security analysts, who must be on their toes 24/7, to analyse security measures and guide or protect an organisation’s computer networks.



If you are a qualified nurse and you have additional qualification in Psychiatric nursing you’re luck because your area of specialization is in hot demand right now in the US. Large percentage of foreigners are currently doing courses in basic nursing in order to specialise in Psychiatric nursing, due to the fact that there is a huge demand for psychiatric nurse in the US.
They believed vividly that immediately they qualified they have the chance of landing job with good pay in places such as Hospitals, Community health centres, group homes and schools. They can be employed to manage patients who are experiencing mental health, behavioural and psychiatric problems. The area is so huge and in high demand for a qualified person to cash in. Furthermore, if you’re interested in a profession that allows you to work and study simultaneously, choose psychiatric nursing because there are schools in the US that offers Psychiatric nursing courses online without the need to attend full-time classes.



Just as with the plumber, electrician are required urgently to carry out critical maintenance, repairs and upgrade to electrical systems within existing home and public buildings in the US right now.
And with construction booms taking place all over the States and with skilled workers reaching the retirement age, there are increased needs for qualified electricians to take charge.
The more you have expansion works the more you requires the use of a professional electrician, hence the high demand for electricians in the US.
If you have the basic technical know how in this field, it is advisable you start immediately looking for schools in the US where you can do further training to obtain certificate and necessary licence to qualify you to practice in the US.



If you are an expert in handling tools be sure that there are many manufacturing companies and service outlets that are waiting to employ mechanics and back it up with good pay. In fact, this profession is one of the most sought after job right now in US.
The ice on the cake is that this profession come with possibilities of establishing your own work-shop, be independent and earn more.
Mechanic and service technician is definitely one of the top 20 jobs with good pay in the USA for foreigners. Therefore if you are a mechanic or rewire as the name implies here, and you have basic qualifications, quickly find your way to the north America and earn it big instead of wasting your talent here on pay that cannot take you home.



Gerontological nursing is the specialty nursing pertaining to older adults. Gerontological nurse work in collaboration with older adults, their families and community, to support healthy aging, maximum functioning and quality of life
(Source Wikipedia )

Gerontological nursing appeared new to some people in this part of the world, due to the fact hardly do you find a single an institution of learning offers this all important course, because they and their authorities lack innovations and narrow in researching on current happenings on the globe.

The western world in general place importance on the well-being of the elderly. There are various programme focus on taking care of the older adults.
Furthermore, as quality of life increases due to various innovations in medicine and supplements, it is easy to see old people reaching 80 to 100 and the need to attend to their needs increases, therefore, if you’re a professional in the field of Gerontology nursing you’re sure of getting job in a short possible time with good pay as a foreigner.



Surprise indeed.  Bee keeping as assumed a new dimension. More smart guys from Nigeria and other countries are now keeping Bee on full-time basis in the US and making it big right now.
Due to the fact that majority of Americans are running away from refined sugar to avoid obesity and other medical complications. They believed that natural honey is a good substitute and a healthy alternative, demand for natural honey is on the increase, it is not surprising to see more people embracing bee keeping in large numbers.
I know of Nigerians guys that moved to the US in recent years and are in to Bee keeping because it is a trade that is yet to be over crowded, more so it yield better results in a record time.
If you’re looking for a job that doesn’t required a bachelor degree and you can be the boss in a short time, choose bee keeping it will make you independent and come with very good income.

That’s all about Top 15 jobs with good pay in USA for foreigners



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Updated: April 17, 2018 — 2:58 pm


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  1. Thanks a lot. God bless u for your useful informations.

    I want to ask if there is a way one can get a sponsor to live and work in one of those good country? Why working will be paying back to the sponsor.

    As for me I’m interested in that.

    1. Sorry we can’t help you

      1. Please get in touch with the Australian Embassy in Nigeria

    2. Sorry we don’t have a sponsor

      1. Is it possible to help from your end to help with the invitation while I will be responsible for the financial sponsorship. I have no one in the US.

        1. Sorry, I do not have a person who is willing to invite unknown friend. It may be difficult to convince them.

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