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The beautiful country of Tanzania is located in East Africa and ranks as the largest country in that part of the continent. It contains several offshore Islands such as the spice islands of Zanzibar, Mafia as well as Pemba and also boasts of being home to the highest point in Africa, the widely popular mount Kilimanjaro which stands at an impressive and completely awe-inspiring 19,340 feet above sea level. This marvelous feature, located in this country, is snowcapped despite the fact that the country is located near the Equator.

This African country boasts of a rich cultural heritage and history and it is recorded that the earliest human skull ever recorded was discovered in Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania. There are more than 120 languages spoken in this country and most of them are Bantu languages which are made up of considerably more than 535 languages which can be found spoken throughout the continent of Africa.

Tanzanian Passport Visa Free Countries

Tanzanian Passport Visa Free Countries 2018 Full List

The national anthem of this country known as “Mungu Ibariki Afrika”, an anthem which was composed by Enoch Mankayi Sontonga, is one that she shares with two other beautiful African countries namely, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

A country which serves as the home of the Coconut crab which is the largest crab in the world, Tanzania is divided into 26 different regions known as Mikoa. There are 21 located on the mainland, 3 located on Zanzibar Island and 2 found on Pemba Island. These 26 different regions are divided further, into 99 districts known as Wilaya.

The people of this country, despite being diverse, are cheerful and friendly to strangers, always happy to share their rich cultural heritage with any and every one who cares to come looking. However, a rich cultural heritage and being citizens of the country that bears the highest mountain in Africa is not the only advantages these people enjoy. The citizens, armed with their Tanzanian passport, also have the added advantage of enjoying visa-free entry into some specific countries which will be named in this article.



Entry into most countries of the world, for the people of Tanzania, requires the possession of a Visa issued by the receiving country, before the person can enter the country legally, however, the same cannot be said for all the countries of the world. There are some countries into which, armed with a Tanzanian passport, a citizen of this great African country would be granted access without any embarrassment or legal repercussions.

These visa-free countries will only grant entry without the visa for a specified length of time usually ranging between days, and in some cases, even months. Relatively speaking, the number of countries Tanzanians need Visas to get into, far outweigh the number of countries that they can get into Visa-free, but this is not to take anything from the number of countries they can visit for a length of time without having to obtai8n a visa first.

Tanzanians who intend to travel are advised to always check to find out whether or not they require a visa in order to be granted access to a specific country that they may like to visit.

There are about 76 of these countries which Tanzanians can enter without needing to purchase a visa beforehand and these countries will be organized according to the continent they fall under.


List of some Tanzanian Passport Visa Free Countries and their Continents


The continent of Africa, made up of more than 50 countries, is the second largest in the world. This continent is the home of the black race, a culturally rich and diverse people, and is said to be the cradle of civilization. This continent, most especially Eastern Africa, is accepted widely in the science community as the place where humans originated from.

In terms of division, the continent of Africa is divided into a total of 5 regions considered to be the major regions. These regions include Northern Africa, Southern Africa, Eastern Africa, Central Africa as well as Western Africa. The larger majority of this continent, as well as the countries located within it, are located in its Northern Hemisphere. The Southern hemisphere also contains a large percentage as well.

Aside from its tremendous land area which comes second only to Asia, the continent of Africa also boats of rich mineral resource content and a teeming mass of human resources as well. The continent bears a wide array of tourist hot spots.

These are some of the countries in Africa that Tanzanians can travel for a specific period of time, without needing to purchase a visa beforehand;

  •    Botswana: Tanzanians can travel to the beautiful nation of Botswana without having to bother themselves with purchasing a visa before travelling. The time period allocated for a non-visa holding Tanzanian to stay in this country, is 90 days at the maximum.
  •    Burundi: This landlocked African country, located in Eastern Africa within the Great Lakes region bothers the country of Tanzania to both the East and to the south as well. Despite the fact that they are practically neighbors, however, the visa-free time allocated to Tanzanians is a maximum of 30 days.
  •    Cape Verde: This country can be found off Africa’s Northwest coast. This country is known to provide a visa for Tanzanians armed with their passport, upon their arrival.
  •    Comoros: Comoros can be found off the East coast of Africa and provides a visa to the Tanzanians upon their arrival.
  •    Djibouti: Tanzanians who visit this country are handed a visa upon their arrival.
  •    Egypt: Travelling to this country Visa-free comes with a condition. One would have to be touring the Sharm el Sheikh resorts to be qualified for visa-free privileges.
  •    The Democratic Republic of Congo: Visa is issued upon arrival and the visa lasts for a week from arrival.
  •    The Gambia: One can stay in this country Visa-free for a period of 90 days max.
  •    Kenya: Tanzania is a strong member of the East African Community of which Kenya is the founder. Visitors from Tanzania can stay in Kenya visa-free for a period of 3 months at the maximum.
  •    Lesotho: This is another landlocked country which Tanzanians can visit visa-free for a period of 90 days at the max.
  •    Madagascar: The huge Island nation of Madagascar is located off Africa’s Southeast coast and boasts of a teeming animal population that are found only in Madagascar. The visa-free time for this nation is 90 days at the max.



The Americas is made up of the countries that make up the continents of North and South America. The countries where Tanzanians can visit visa-free for a length of time are:

  •    Antigua & Barbuda: Those looking for a place to spend a vacation usually find themselves in this nation. The visa-free period for Tanzanians is 30 days maximum.
  •    Barbados: This Caribbean island is famous for its beaches as well as its botanical gardens which are both popular attractions for tourists. The Visa free period for Tanzanians is a maximum of 6 months.
  •    The British Virgin Islands: The visa-free time frame for Tanzanians in this country located in the Carribean is 30 days max.
  •    Belize: There is no Visa required for Tanzanians to visit this nation.
  •    Bermuda: Those looking to tour the Bermuda as well as those visiting on business are not required to get a visa before they can travel to the nation.
  •    The Bahamas: Tanzanians who have an international passport will be allowed to stay here for a maximum period of 3 months.



The continent of Asia is the largest in the world and is bounded to the East by the Pacific Ocean and to the Southeast by Australia, by the Indian Ocean to the South, the Red Sea to the southwest, the Urals to the West, and to the North, it is bounded by the Arctic Ocean. It is also the most populous continent in the world. Some of the countries in this continent that allow Tanzanians travel visa-free are:

  •    Bangladesh: Tanzanians visiting this country can be without a visa for 90 days.
  •    Singapore: The visa-free time allocated in this nation is 30 days maximum.
  •    Hong Kong: Tanzanian visitors to this autonomous territory are allowed to stay visa-free for a maximum number of 90 days.
  •    Cambodia: Upon arrival in this country, Tanzanians are handed a visa which will grant them a stay period of 30 days.



The above list is not the whole list of countries and continents where Tanzanians can visit without a visa for a specific length of time.

If you are Tanzanian and are looking for a place to travel for whatever reason, be it business or pleasure or tourism, it is important that you do some research to find out if you are required to get a visa before you can travel or if it falls under the category of Visa-free countries for you. It is also important to be conscious of the allocated time to avoid being found on the negative side of the law.

Safe travels.


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