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Often times we have seen air passengers either rushing to board or rushing to come down from an aeroplane collapsed and died, due to anxiety or stress which is mostly unnecessary and avoidable if the passenger did not throw caution into the wind.



Here Are The Top 10 Mistakes Air Travellers Should Avoid If They Want To Live Long

1. AVOID LAST MINUTE RUSHING: If you want to live long always avoid last-minute rushing as much as possible. It beats imagination how some travellers rushing and struggling with their luggage to meet up with a flight that is about to depart. The first question you asked such traveller is that, is this not a scheduled flight? Is the person just purchased the ticket like an urban transport. Nowadays, all flights schedule are online. The bottom line on this is that it’s only carelessness, misplaced priority such as spending too much time on frivolity at the airline baggage check in area, forgetting that there are very important immigration and security checking ahead.

Advantages of checking in early includes:

  1. You will avoid long stay on que
  2. You will have time to relax at the departure lounge.
  3. You have time to focus on the flight ahead.

2. EXCHANGE MONEY FROM A ROAD SIDE MONEY CHANGER: Any traveller who want to live long should desist from patronising a road side money changer. This is not only stupid  business wise, but could attract jail term in a foreign country, to be in possession of fake currency.
Few years ago a Nigerian lady was apprehended at Rome airport for be in possession of about $5,000 suspected to be fake, which she changed innocently in Nigeria. Initially she was oblivious of her offence, but when confronted with facts she fainted and collapsed. Shortly she was revived and detained.

3. CARELESS HANDLING OF TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: It is peculiar to Nigerians who acquired nationality of another country to neglect their Nigeria passports.Most of them over protected their new country’s passport while they uses the former as a means of free entry and exit, not mind if it has expired. It is common to see them exchange hot arguments with Nigeria Immigration officials over the validity or damaged passports. If such traveller want to live long it’s advisable to get their travel documents right all the time.

4. TRAVELLING WITH BANNED OR LIQUID ITEMS: If a traveller want to live long he must not carry anything classified as “banned items”. It is strange to see a traveller carrying an umbrella, or be in possession of liquid while passing through the security zone. “If you want to know stupid things travellers carrying along as hand luggage, pay a visit to the airport security checking area.

5. EXCHANGE HOT ARGUMENTS WITH CREW MEMBERS: The easiest way a traveller can miss a flight is to ignorantly exchange hot arguments with a crew member. What you considered to be an expression of feelings or outburst due to delayed flight may be misconstrued or tagged as violent or dangerous passenger and used against the person. Missing flight this way is a route to high blood pressure. Recently, a Nigerian studying in London was brought down from a London bound plane, believed violent because he compliant over four hours of unexplainable delayed. He was to write an accountancy examinations the next day.

6. MAKING CALLS IN A RESTRICTED AREA: If you want to live long stop making calls in the immigration control areas. Reckless conversations could lead to refused departure or entry into another country.

7. EATING AND DRINKING ABNORMALLY: If you want to live long avoid consumption of too much food or get drunk before or inside an aeroplane. Grubbing anything on sight could lead to health complications, while getting drunk is not only dangerous to your health, but could lead to lose of vital travel documents or money.

8. PANICKING UNNECESSARILY INSIDE THE PLANE: A traveller who want to live long should avoid unnecessary panicking when the flight is on air. Whenever plane make unusual sound some passengers are fond of jumping up and down, and start calling their gods. Staying focus and relaxing is key when you don’t actually understand what’s going on. Remember that travelling by air remains the safest of all systems of transport.

9. RUSHING TO CHECKOUT AT THE ARRIVAL HALL: Always remember that if you rushed or used unconventional means to leave the immigration control area, you will need about 45 minutes to wait for your luggage to arrive, no short cuts. Why not stop complaining of the usual slow movement, relax and allow the crowd to dissolved before stepping out, to avoid hot arguments and struggle that could lead to high blood pressure.

10. DO NOT WALK ALONE: When you’re inside your preferred country or destination always remember that it is very dangerous to walk alone or walking on a lonely road.  Recently, a British tourist, holidaying on a small Greek Island , while walking alone on a lonely farm road, was attacked by strayed dogs. He died before helps arrived.

Finally, always avoid using unregistered means of transport, or taking a lift.

There you have it on The Top 10 Mistakes Air Traveller Should Avoid If He Wants To Live Long.



Updated: December 27, 2017 — 11:18 pm

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