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If you are planning or interested in travelling to Oman for business, visiting or importantly working,  you should read this piece.HOW TO GET OMAN VISA IN NIGERIA

Despite the fact that the Sultanate State of Oman does not maintain an Embassy in Nigeria, statistically Oman is one of the top 10 countries Nigerians are travelling to frequently.

The purpose of this writeup is to explain in details HOW TO GET OMAN VISA IN NIGERIA successfully.

It is important to emphasise that Oman does not have an Embassy in Nigeria therefore an intending traveller to Oman must relied on 2 options to obtain their visa.
1. Through a CABLE VISA
2. Through another country where Oman maintain an Embassy

In using the cable visa option, it’s important to understand what a cable visa is all about.
A cable visa in this case is an approval issued or granted by Omani government to an intending traveller from Nigeria. It is produced electronically and forwarded by email to the visa applicant, to enable him or her enter Oman.
While it eliminated the hardship of physical appearance at the embassy, it is possible to fall a victim of fraudulent cable visa agent and also it denied the visa applicant the use of visa stamp as a souvenir in his passport


To obtain Oman cable visa you have to relied on 3 options
1. Asked your relation, organisation, individual to process the visa for you

2. Search for job on-line and ask your potential employer to process the visa for you.
3. Engage the service of an agent to process the cable visa for you, for a fee.


1.If you’re employing an agent be very careful and guide against fake papers.

2. Most of your printout may come in Arabic and the Interpretation sometimes may be inaccurate.
3. If you’re going for employment you must study the type of employment agreement you are entering.
4. You must take time to study how their system operates
5. VERY IMPORTANT you must ask how you can exit Oman incase the place did not meet your expectations and you want to get out.
This is vital because most of their residence permits have two years life span and it may be impossible to leave or exit before it expiration.
6. You may not be allowed to change employment.
7. You must guide against rushing to a strange country and systematically entering a slave contracts.
8. You must enquire about your potential employer because some of them are not discipline, hostile without human feelings, and with little respect for human rights.
9. Note that immigrants, in most cases do not have labour organisation to fight for them.
10. Be ready to hand over your travel documents.
11. Finally be ready to face a very hash weather conditions. Oman is in the Arabian desert with an unfriendly weather, but the government has a very good cooling system.



When your visa arrived and you’re ready to travel, in order not to get refused departure treatment in Nigeria, and to be allowed entry into Muscat you must have most or all of the following documents:
1.Your International passport with at least 6 months validity
2. Basic travelling allowance
3. Port health certificate
4. Confirmed return airline ticket
5. Confirmed hotel reservation
6. Letter of invitation from the person inviting you.



The Gulf state of Oman is a country practising absolute monarch system of government, it is a well organised society, with a well-managed economy.
Unlike most other Gulf States, Oman has a relatively diversified economy. Low in population but very good in developmental planning and programmes which enables foreigners to key into the economy and provide opportunities to work and earn living wages.



Updated: April 17, 2018 — 2:58 pm


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  1. Dear Sirs,

    Am a Nigerian but living in Benin Rep, and lookinf for visa to Oman for my business. how do I appliy safetly???.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Kalu A. Ibiam

    1. Due to the fact that Oman does not have a mission in Nigeria, you can only apply online.
      The best alternative is to get a sponsor direct from Oman. Unfortunately, I do not have a link.
      Thanks for visiting

      1. Am an accountant here in Nigeria and seeking for An opportunity in oman how do i process the Visa and Job selection?

  2. Hello sir, please am interested in getting a sponsor for me to come and work for how do I go about it

    1. Presently we do not have a sponsor to recommend. If we have one in future I will contact you. Thanks

  3. Hello, I just got a job offer from Oman but I need to do certificate attestation from the Omani embassy. Since they have no embassy in Nigeria, Please how can I get my certificates attested?

    1. Take your credentials to Nigeria Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Attestation.

  4. Am a soldier from Nigeria I want to join security guard job in Oman how can I get the job

    1. Please check the internet for reliable agents. Furthermore do your research very well before going to any country.

  5. Hello sir, I’m a nigerian and I came in Oman with e-visit visa and my days are up. I’m going back to Nigeria end of this week. Is it possible to come in Oman after 1month? And which is the best visa to come with for searching for work in Oman? Waiting for your reply please sir. Thanks in advance

    1. Before departing Oman try and arrange for a sponsor or search for work and get a letter of employment, to allows you process a work visa which will enables you return without restrictions.

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