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The question is becoming increasingly reoccurring for young Nigerians and few professionals wanting to effect change of name on their Nigerian international passport. As much as we tried to parried the subject or change the conversation most of the time, it kept coming, hence the need to carry out research on how to change name on Nigeria international passport .

how to change name on Nigeria international passport



Foremost, let state some reasons why an individual may want to change name on their Nigerian International passport

  1. Due to errors from origin: This may arise as error of Pronunciation, or too long a name given a child by an overzealous parent. Some parents do not considered future embarrassment or implications when naming their child at birth. Name play important role  our lives,  it is not a thing to take with levity.  A prominent Afro musician in the 70s changed his name from Ransome Kuti to Anikulapo Kuti, because he felt it was too foreign.  Today none of his children bears Anikulapo.
  2. Due to acquisition of a new religion: A born again person may want to discard the name given at birth. Or some dropped their religion oriented name for pure local or native name.
  3. Due to professional reasons: Few professional bodies do add certain name or attachments to the original names. Likewise, due to popular demand or a name in vogue.  Nowadays,  it is common to hear so many Mercies, Ronaldos Usain Bolts etc.
  4. Due to change of nationality: An individual that acquired dual nationality may want a reflection of his or her new country e.g. Arab countries. Many athletes are fond of this. Some even erase the past completely,  for reasons known only to them.
  5. For convenience or pride reasons: An individual may want to shorten a too long name or expand the present incomplete name or see it as “old school ” It was common in the 50s and  60s to see young Nigerians students shorten the names given them at birth.  Names such as Wole, Olu, Bola, Lai, Muri, Ade, Kola, etc, are purely incomplete names that were shortened from the original name given at birth.
  6. Due to marriage: A female change to their marital names or male married to a famous family may want to identify with the famous family. Recently a Nigerian from southern part married  a Muslim lady in an Eastern Asian country and changed his Nigeria name.
  7. A name no longer in vogue: Some names are connected to idols worship or sounds strange to the bearer.
  8. As long as an individual can back up reasons for wanting a change of name, it is his right to change his name,  provide it wasn’t fraudulent.


  1. The first step is to approach any Immigration Service passport office spread across the country.
  2. Apply in writing to the Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service for change of name.
  3. Attach to your application, a written concrete reasons why you want to change name on your Nigerian international passport
  4. Attach a high court affidavit of change of name.
  5. Back your claim with an identity card, such as driver’s licence or an association membership card currently in use. (if any).
  6. Make a payment online of non-refundable administrative changes of #33,000 (thirty-three thousand naira) for the processing of your application

The next step is to wait for few days, for the approval of the Comptroller general of Nigeria Immigration Service of your application

After receiving approval, you must submit your present passport and

  1. Apply for reissue of a new international passport.
  2. Attach two recently acquired passport sized photograph
  3. Make an online payment of standard Nigeria Passport of #24,500 (Twenty four thousand five hundred naira.
  4. Go for image acquisition, thumbprint and do the electronic signature formality.
  5. Finally wait for the issuance of your passport

PLEASE NOTE : Issuance of passport depends on availability of booklets and other printing materials, do not wait until you urgently need a passport before applying. Better to ask your local passport office for about availability of materials before you place in an application to avoid disappointment and name callings.

Application for change of names can be processed at any passport office across the country. However,  if a passport office want to be overzealous you have the freedom to apply direct to the Immigration Service headquarters in Abuja and your request will be treated without biased.

Thanks, kindly get across to us for more information.


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Updated: April 17, 2018 — 2:58 pm


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    1. Hello. These are the documents to take along
      1. Birth certificate or declaration of age
      2. 2 passport sized photograph
      3 letter of identification from local government
      4. An identity card
      For further information please visit our page on how to get international passport in Nigeria

  2. Hi I submitted my old passport but having south Africa permit on it and goinget back January….am I gonna get myour old passport back?

    1. Yes,
      Ask for it, it will be given to you

      1. Please sir there is a mistake in my own case I did my passport in Nigeria 2012 and expired 2017 but now I have my Italy documemtand I use deference name and age my nigeria passport name date of birth are deference from my Italy document pls I need to change it to my Italy document name and age. pls what will I do? Now I am in Belgium and Belgium government is requesting for my nigeria passport

        1. Hello Eseosa, I believed we have discussed this issue comprehensively on telephone.
          Take the case to the Nigeria embassy in Belgium, let me know how you’re progressing. Best of luck

  3. Hello, Thanks for this detailed information.
    The world need people like you.

    Please, any idea how long it will take for the approval for family Change of surname.

    1. You’re most welcome. Thanks for the encouragement

  4. Hi, my passport is due for renewal. My maiden name is on my old passport and I want to change my name ( am married now) on the new passport . Will I still pay the #33,000? Thank you in advance

  5. Hello good evening,
    When i change my name in my passport.
    I want to know what would happen at the airport when I’m going back seeing that my permit of stay still have my former name and my passport have my new surname.
    How do i avoid having issues with the the immigration?

    1. Please keep using your present names to avoid problems.

  6. Thank you very much for this information Mr O.R. Salahudeen, Please I would like to discuss privately with you as soon as possible if you don’t mind.

  7. Is it possible to have two surnames on a Nigerianew passport? I currently have one but would like to add one more. I’m a guy.

    1. Take the passport to a passport office explain your problem to a senior official, he will direct you appropriately.

  8. pls,i want change d name on my international passport nd d DOB on it.can it b done in lag or abj…. how much will it cost

    1. Please read our piece on the topic. “ How much is international passport 2018”

  9. Pls sir they made a mistake on my my passport as per my cab I resolve it sir

    1. You will need an affidavit from the high court for correction of age. Afterwards take it to a passport office and file an application for correction of your age.

  10. Hi,please i just want to know,if I’ve changed my name can i just attach my name change proof to the passport carrying my previous name without any issues or do i absolutely need to change it. Thank you

  11. Hi, i got my passport today and there was a name issue on it. Instead of JOHN what was spelt was JON. IS This a serious issue since my whole data is complete and i have other forms of identification bearing JOHN.

    1. Please you have to take the passport back to the place that issued it. Do not tamper with the passport. Go the ask for the passport officer. Explain to him. The best they should do is to issue you another passport.

  12. My issue is different. My middle name was written as surname while surname as middle name. My passport is due for renewal in 2020 and I am presently working in dubai. I am planning on coming to Nigeria for a month. Do I need to change or just leave it am actually thinking the arrangement will be different from that on my certificate

    1. Hello. You may leave it until the time you will reissue the in 2020 and point out the error before you place in your application for reissue. If you need further assistance call me.

  13. Please, I would like to discuss something important with you because I require your assistance. Kindly forward me your telephone contact to enable me reach you.

    Note that I’m writing from the United Kingdom.



    1. You’re welcome, this is my phone number : +234 9061 882 300

  14. azeez rukayat mopelola

    Thanks for this great privilege, my question goes thus: I have a passport with my maiden name that will expire next year 2019, now that I am married, I need the passport to process an application for Phd program in US this year. Should I go for change of name? Should I apply for visa with my former surname? Thanks in anticipation

    1. Good day Rukayat, it is advisable you conclude your academic activities with your maiden name, to avoid unnecessary embarrassment from those US Immigration officials.
      It very easy for a female to process change of name on Nigeria international passport, therefore you can do it at your own time without problems.
      Thanks for visiting

      1. Thanks, I really do appreciate

      2. Hi my case is similar too however with a twist, I intend to continue my PhD abroad, am a guy and I have just changed my surname, my wife e passport bares the new name and I wanna change my surname on my old and expired passport. What is the procedure. Note I have never used my expired passport before for any journey.

  15. Pls kindly help with your whatapp number

    1. Try this number 0803 408 7441

      1. Try this number 0803 408 7441

  16. Please I have an issue with my date of birth on my international passport instead of 1986 it’s carrying 1987. What can I do. Can I swear an affidavit cos it’s expiring in 2023 and go on using it? I need it urgently and don’t have the financial wherewithal to do the reassurance. Thank you sir.

    1. Sorry you have to wait until you have the means. Or wait until it expiration time, and inform them of the mistake. Thanks

  17. Please I just got a new passport following my change of name applicatio n. But I was not given back the old one which was supposed to expire in August. I have my travel history on the old one. Please what can I do

    1. Go back to the passport office and ask for the old one. They are not suppose to hold it. They will cancel it and return it to you.

    2. How long did it take to get this new one and how much idi you pay. I went to do mine about 6-7 weeks ago but it’s not still ready.

      1. O. R. Salahudeen

        Please contact the passport office where you did capturing of your image.

  18. I want to change my date of birth, it suppose to be 1989. Wrongly dated 1998.

    1. The best thing to do is to take it to the passport office where the mistake was made. But if they did not help, I’m afraid you have to go to Abuja for the change of birth

  19. Hello sir, I want to renew my passport with a name change because my old one carries my maiden name. I heard I need to go to abuja and I reside in Lagos, please how true is this info and can I have it done in Lagos? Thank you in advance . Also how much can it cost me?

    1. With the current directive from their headquarters, it can be done at the state level. If you find it difficult in Lagos area, go to Abeokuta, they do it there.
      You are free to call my number, I may direct you.

  20. Hello sir I just messaged you on your Facebook page. I would like to discuss something with you privately. Thank you

    1. Hello Dammy, You can call me through the phone number on the website.
      Please do not call at night.

  21. Babatunde Abiodun Franklin

    Sir, I just got my international passport and they ommitted a letter instead of Franklin they put Franklin and they asked me to go to court for name declaration and continue using it, won’t it affect me when I want to use it?

  22. I greet you, well done sir. Just a quick question sir! I need to change my name on my Int’l PP. I leave in the UK, I have approached the Nigerian high commission, UK many times , but they couldn’t help they told me it has to be sorted in Abj – Nigeria. Please has the law changed now to be processed at all passport offices both home and abroad? Many thanks in anticipation of your response.

    1. Right now we do not know of any new written directive on change of name. However,from January 2018, state’s passport offices has been telling male applicants on change of names to go to the immigration headquarters Abuja.

    2. Hi Kayode, have you been able to get your name changed on your passport at the UK office yet? I am in the same situation as you and hoping would not need to go to Abuja, Nigeria to do it if its possible here in UK.

  23. Good afternoon, please kindly answer my question if you can.

    I applied for a passport renewal and change of name at Ottawa office on the 28th of March. i was expecting to receive it the same day but was informed that it will be sent to abuja first, but before i can receive it.

    I will like to know how long it will take for me to receive my new passport. Thanks

    1. It will take some time. We cannot tell you exactly. They are in good position to tell you. They are not new to the procedure.

  24. Steven Olabayo Obembe

    Good-Day sir, Please I have an issue, my names were arranged wrongly on my passport. My other name was mistaking used as my surname, Please advice.

    1. You can take it to the passport office where you obtained it and explain the error. Make sure you discuss with the passport officer directly. He will tell you how to correct it.

  25. hello sir/ma,have applyed for my nigeria e passport in roma italy,have gone for an interview and have also thumpriented since january 30th 2018, i just want to no if the passport is ready to be collected, thanks.

    1. Please visit the Embassy’s website. We’re not in position to tell you

  26. Princewill Emmanuel

    Good afternoon sir, Please is the change of name on the Nigerian International passport done in Lagos or Abuja?

    Thank you sir,


    1. Immigration Service headquarters, Abuja for male. A female can approach any passport office and present her documents.

  27. Orizu chinedu Ifeanyi

    Sir my international passport in error is baring Orizu chinedu Ifeanyichukwu while all my data documents are baring Orizu chinedu Ifeanyi,what’s the implications and can I swear an afidivet of fact on my name, till I go for change of name, hopefully traveling to USA for my masters on August 2018

    1. It is better you stick with the names on your documents, and process another passport before going fro visa. Otherwise, it may be used against you.

  28. Hello sir, I had an issue with my passport. i lost my pp and went to portharcourt and did a new pp with change of name. the pp expired last year and i went for renewing, on the process of doing the thumprient it was showing that i have two pp. the officer said that i should go to abuja to resolve the issue, pls sir i don’t know how serious this issue maybe,, i need ur advise.

    1. O. R. Salahudeen

      The truth is that only Abuja have the authority to do change of name for male currently. Therefore it is not a serious issue.
      You definitely get your passport if you go to the Immigration Service headquarters in Abuja.

  29. Dear Sir,

    I live in London, I did a change of name (first name only) via deed poll. But for my British Passport name to be changed to the new name, I was told by the UK Passport Office they need my Nigerian Passport to change to match my new name first before my Bristish Passport can be changed. Do you think the Nigerian High Commission Office will be able to do this for me since my Nigerian Passport is due this year anyway?

    Looking forward to your response.

    Thank you.

    1. O. R. Salahudeen

      Please find out from the High Commission in London. All passport offices are allowed to do change of name for females.

    2. Hi Nee, I am in a similar situation as you. I have called Abuja office several times from UK and was told that change of names on Nigeria passport for males could be done at the UK Passport Office however UK passport office would have to first request approval on my behave from Abuja (chargeable at my expenses of course with supported documents and a letter stating STRONG reason(s) for change of name) and once approved then UK passport office would then notify me to come and do the Bio-metric/data capturing/finger printing with the new names at the UK passport office – London. But when I called UK passport Office, London, I was told go to Abuja because that is the ONLY PLACE change of name on Nigeria passport can be except for woman surname due to marriage. I am planning to visit the UK Passport Office in person for a face to face chat with senior office hopefully that could lead to a positive out come. I could do with NOT GOING to Abuja if its possible to do it through the UK Passport office. It appears that there is no straight forward process made available by the Nigeria Passport Office for change of names including women changing their first or middle names. That is a real shame. Lots of us are now in limbo not knowing where/who/how to go about JUST A SIMPLE change of names on our Nigeria passport. And this is 21th century. Its frustrating.

      1. O. R. Salahudeen

        Very frustrating indeed. Why establishing passport offices all over the world when you will not enabled them to function properly.
        We shall keep telling them the facts.

  30. Hi, I’m a female living in the UK, I will like to change my middle name to a simple and easily pronounce one. But I dont know if this can be done in the Uk or Abuja only. Thanks

    1. Please, get in touch with the Nigeria High Commission in London. Or do it when you’re in Nigeria. As a female you can do it in any passport office in Nigeria.
      Fell free to contact this website if you need assistance on how to go about it in Nigeria.

  31. Hello Officer,
    I was so impressed that we can see someone like you who is willing to help people out of the problems,May the Lord continue to bless you and crown your efforts, because I was just checking and went through all the queries and I read all your replies you are just too fantastic.Please keep it up. Ramadan Kareem.

    1. O. R. Salahudeen

      Thanks greatly lady for your encouraging words. I’m indeed very grateful. Almighty Allah will bless you.

  32. Hi, pls my name on my passport bears David as surname but other documents bears a different surname. An immigration officer advised me to swear to an affidavit stating that I’m the bearer of both surnames and make it public in a national paper instead of applying for change of name. I have done this do think it can affect my getting travel visa to the USA? I’m planning a trip for August

    1. O. R. Salahudeen

      It is advisable you get another passport before you travel. Instead of relying on an affidavit that may require explanations all the time

  33. Good day.I have a passport which is due to expire in September ,however I want to change my surname while renewing.Can this be done online?Will it be treated as a fresh application?

    1. O. R. Salahudeen

      If you’re changing name. Be prepared to travel to Abuja, Nigeria Immigration Service Headquarters, That’s the only place to do it realistically.

  34. Goodday sir,by october this year,it will be five good years that my passport had expired and had never use it to apply before it expired, Now, I want to renew it and add third name to the fist and surname I was bearing before,sir what are the steps to add the third name, Does this need to go to Abuja or pay 33,000 naira. Thanks in advance

    1. You can reissue your passport at any passport office whenever it expired, regardless of the fact that,you’ve not use it before.
      If you want to change name be ready to travel to Nigeria Immigration Service headquarters, Abuja. That’s the only place for ithe.

  35. Kolapo kunle Ayuba

    Dear sir,
    My passport bears kolapo kunle,but I want to include ayuba to the names,to make it Kolapo kunle Ayuba,Pls sir,should l be able to do the additional name at any state office

    1. It is very doubtful if most state passport offices can handle your case. It looked very simple, but it’s only the service headquarters Abuja that handle change of name for male.

  36. Hello, some many errors in my previous passport, hope i can cancel it and get a new one?.
    Thank you.

  37. Is middle name compulsory on passport.but is on my documents.

    1. Middle name is not compulsory. It is your choice. Include it if you like it. Drop it if you don’t.

  38. Hello,

    I live in the UK and hold a dual nationality, I recently sent my British passport for renewal, my Nigeria passport was also required to be submitted with my renewal application. An hour ago I received a recorded delivery of my Nigeria passport with a letter stating that my full name as appeared on my Nigeria passport do not match. My first name on my British passport appear as my second name on my Nigeria passport – Nigeria passport only states surname and given names.

    I have been told that my UK passport will not be renewed until I amend my full name on my Nigeria passport to match. How can I get this done within a limited time. I travel to Europe regularly for work and needs my passport urgently.

    Please any information to get this sorted will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Please you have to visit the immigration headquarters Abuja. That’s the right place for correction of errors pertaining to names.
      It is advisable you don’t allow a junior officer handle your case when you get there.

      1. Thanks for your response. I live in the UK, my UK passport is with the passport office for renewal and there is no way of returning to the UK even if I can go to Abuja for the name change.

        Nigeria high commission offices across the world should be able to manage/handle this type of administrative task without the added unnecessary stress of going outside one’s country of residence.

  39. Bright Diamond Okpako


    1. You have to take back to the passport office. Demand to see the Passport Officer, and show the error to the officer in charge.

  40. At the point of collection of my new international passport I discovered that my surname was spelled wrongly using J to replace L and it as been activated, what is the possible solution, how long will it take to be corrected and cost implicaction please?

    1. The best thing to do is to take it back to the passport office where you processed it. Because a new booklet must be issued, therefore you have to make a payment for a new passport.

  41. Good day Sir/Ma,

    1. What are the documents required of me at the Nigerian immigration service headquarters, Abuja to add a middle name on my international passport of less than 6months old?

    2. How much will the total charges be? And,

    3. How long does it take averagely before I get my passport?

    God bless as you reply ASAP. 🤗

  42. Hello sir,

    Thanks for all you do. I was issued my passport in December. I want to travel to the US and just discovered today that my date of birth isn’t correct. January was used instead of October. What do I do? And what’s the cost implication?

    1. Take it back to the passport office where you obtained it.
      Go with your birth certificate or other documents that bears your right date.
      They should be able to change it. However be ready to pay for a new booklet.

      1. Thank you very much. I called the office today and I was told I would have to come with the documents to the Lagos office where I registered and then proceed to Abuja for capturing. All would be done for 180k? What do you think? Anybody who has experienced this before?

  43. Hello,

    I’m a dual citizen. My Nigerian passport is in my maiden name and US passport in married name. My ticket is booked in my married name. Will I encounter problems when going to Nigeria since my surname is different on ticket and passport? I did a name of change for my passport but I don’t know if it will be ready in time for me to travel. Can I carry my marriage certificate as proof of my name change?

    1. Nigeria Immigration Service has nothing to do with your flight ticket. You only need to present your valid passport for entry purpose and you shall be admitted without problem.

  44. oremade Adeola Ajoke

    Hello… I did my international passport in 2014. i need to change my name in my international passport, but the former one as being misplaced… kindly render assistance how to go about this.

    1. Go to the passport office of your choice, 1. Apply for loss of passport. 2. When the new passport is out you then apply for change of name.
      If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us.

    2. Go to the passport office of your choice. 1, Apply for lost of passport. 2. When the new passport is out, then, apply for change of name.
      If you need further assistance feel free to contact us.

  45. Hello! My passport has expired and I want to renew it with a different surname due to marriage. Can I start the process online and how much will it cost me? Thank u

    1. It’s advisable you go to a passport office and place an application for change of name, get approval before making payment.

  46. Hi.Hope your well?

    My passport expired last year and am trying to renew it but I noticed the Spelling is missing one letter.

    On my UK resident card its spelt- BHAHIRATU but on my expired passport its spelted BAHIRATU.

    How can correct the spelling on my passport so I can renew it.

    Many Thanks.

    1. Which did you obtained first, the card or your passport.
      Anyway you can apply for correction of your name as you want it at the Nigeria High Commission, London, or when you’re home, do it in Abuja, Nigeria Immigration Service headquarters.

      1. Hi. I obtain the card first and the passport expired last year. Am having issue with the High Commission website on how to correct the spelling before I can renew the passport or do I just renew it with the correct spelling.

        1. When you’re applying for your passport reissue, fill in the correct name, that’s the way it suppose to be. What you filled in is what they will follow, if they didn’t, I’m afraid, you have to continue using it like that until you come to Nigeria, then you can correct the error.

  47. Thank you I will try that.

  48. Hello Admin,

    Please my wife wants to do change of name(Marriage). She was told @ the passport office in Port harcourt that it will cost 50K. Meanwhile on their website, the cost is N17,500. Please what exactly will she need to do and what will she take to the Passport office to apply and get another passport with the new surname.


    1. Please read our piece on how to change name on Nigeria international passport.
      On the passport fees, if a passport office is changing high amount, you have the freedom to check elsewhere.

  49. Thanks for great work.
    Please can i have your whatsapp number/contact number.

    I leave in South Africa my surname was wrogly spelled by space on my passport since 2010 instead of Adegbesan it is Adegb esan. I have renewed it once like that because i was told i have to go to abuja.
    This has been given me so much headache as i have to keep explaining myself everywhere. I want to correct it now because i need to apply for PR but am afraid it may come out with wrong name.
    Can i do application for name correction here in SA
    What document must i submit.

    1. Why didn’t you point out the mistake immediately the passport was issued.
      Have you explain the problem to the Nigeria mission, immigration section in South Africa? If they cannot do it,the only option you have now is the immigration service headquarters, Abuja. No any online short cut can solve the problem.
      Whenever you’re in Nigeria, you can contact this website for guidance.

      1. I did not even notice i was made aware at the bank after few months when i went to submit document to change to new passport before old one expires.
        I thought it was the nigeria embassy printing error not space.
        Now i have to keep to it because i was told i have to go back home for it meanwhile am about to submit application for permanent residence and if i do all my other document will come out the same. Even my permit here is having the space because they onlu issue document as it is on your passport.

  50. Good morning sir, please I want to know how and what I need to renew my passport

    1. Please read our piece on How to obtain Nigeria international passport.

      1. Good day, pls how do I get your phone number? Thank u.

        1. Please check my website the phone number is there

  51. please how can I change my middle name. A month ago I applied for a change of name in portharcourt but instead of changing both the middle and last name like I requested, the passport office changed only my surname. My bank details are bearing a different middle name. When I complained to the officer in charge, he gave a flimsy excuse that my middle name cannot be change. Please how can I change the middle name

    1. Because you agreed to the change of your surname before it was done, you have to take it like that and use it for a while.
      The only option you have is to visit Abuja and explain in details why you need to change the middle name.

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