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The question on ” how much is international passport in Nigeria 2018 and Nigerian passport renewal fee ” is very common online, we at facts36 decided to give you the complete official fee for Standard Nigeria Passport in Nigeria and abroad.

The Standard Nigerian passport is of two options :

  • [1] 32 pages
  • [2] 64 Pages


i. 32 PAGES: The cost of 32 pages type can be for different categories of people, with different charges. Price listed are as follows:

  • a. MINOR – A day old – 17 years #12,500
  • b. ADULT – 18 years – 59 years #19,500
  • c. ELDERLY 60 years and above #12,500

ii. 64 PAGES:– The official fee for 64 Pages is #24,500 for all category of applicants.

APPLICANTS can process the application form and do the payment online through the appropriate Nigeria Immigration Service porter.

how much is international passport in Nigeria 2018 and Nigerian passport renewal fee

how much is international passport in Nigeria 2018 and Nigerian passport renewal fee


The price of international passport for Nigerians residing outside country differs.

Price of 32 Pages are as follows :

  • a. MINOR:- A day old – 17 years 77 dollars
  • b. ADULT:- 18 years – 59 years 106 dollars
  • c. ELDERLY:- 60 years and above 77 dollars

64 PAGES: The cost of 64 Pages is 137 dollars for all category of applicants.

It is IMPORTANT to note that if you applied for NIGERIA PASSPORT at any approved NIGERIA MISSION abroad and it was not issued before you travel to Nigeria, you cannot obtain another in Nigeria. The system will indicate double acquisition and your new payment forfeited.

It’s advisable you attached the printout issued to you at the point of acquisition along with your other valid travel documents and present it at the point of entry/exist in the country.

The printout is acceptable pending the issuance of your passport.

Furthermore, the validity of a Standard NIGERIA Passport is 5 years.

Please note You cannot reissue your PASSPORT until 6 months before the expiration date OR. you used all the available pages.

(The  debate is still ongoing very slow at Nigeria National Assembly  to revert to the normal 10 years lifespan, which is the standard international practice.)

Note: The COST of REISSUE of Standard Nigeria passport is the same as the price of a new international passport.


It important to inform a would be applicants for Nigeria international passport that according to the recent report in the Vanguard online paper, The Federal Government has said that any applicant for Nigeria international passport must have identification number from the National Identification Management Commission, NIMC, from January 1st, 2018.

Furthermore, anyone that intends to apply for the renewal of his or her passport or want to obtain a new one who is residing abroad must endeavour to obtain an identification number from NIMC (if it is available where he intended to process the passport) otherwise he will be denied issuance of the passport.

The report stated that The Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service, Mohammed Babadede disclosed this recently after a meeting with the database harmonization committee in Abuja, explained that the reason behind the new policy was for ease of business in the country.



  1. It is always very difficult for an individual applicant to pay and process the passport payment online, without fear of payment hanging which make the use of a third-party imperative.
  2. Most office relies 95% on generating set for day-to-day operation thereby encouraging extra charges which applicants may not be comfortable with.
  3. Passport offices are spreads all over the Federation but most applicants want to stay in their comfort zone, lazy to search for low traffic area, thereby allows some area to be congested and encourages malpractices.
  4. Passport in many countries of the world has ten years live span but due to commercial interests and shortsightedness, the power in Nigeria few year ago, made it five years selfishly.
  5. Despite the fact that the production system is highly sophisticated, it is possible to obtain a new passport within one day in few passport offices, which is uncommon even in the so-called advanced countries.
  6. To eliminate fraud, payment of cash is not acceptable, all payments are done online.
  7. Formerly expatriate Nigerians used to travel home to obtain a passport, nowadays important Nigeria foreign missions have the capability to produce passports, especially reissue.
  8. Nigeria international passport is the only instrument anyone calming to be a Nigerian,  coming from another country can use to enter, even if you have popular tribal marks it wouldn’t guarantee you entry except Nigeria passport.
  9. Formerly a minor of five years and below used to have their names inserted in their mother’s passport, nowadays they are entitled to a passport with reduced payment.
  10. No immigration officer has the power to deny entry to anyone that produces Nigeria passport at a border post.
  11. Nigeria is one of the first African countries to introduce electronic passport.
  12. It is not possible for an individual to obtain two Nigeria e-passport,  if you start a process in London and you traveled home without waiting for it to be produced and apply for another one here. The system with automatically indicate double acquisition.
  13. Presently, passport booklets are not produced in the country, thereby creating scarcity sometimes.
  14. Because the e-passport  is biometric and you have chips inside, if you place heavy objects on top for long, you will automatically damage it and you may not be able to use in future.
  15. With the introduction of the electronic passport, no Passport Control Officer append signature, thereby eliminated time wastage.
  16. Any Nigeria Citizen of 65 years and above applying for a fresh passport is allowed to pay less than a normal adult.
  17. Under normal circumstances every applicant must appear for acquisition, Nigeria electronic passport cannot be obtained by proxy. A person on sick-bed is expected to be carried to the passport office for acquisition, no exception.
  18. No Nigeria passport office open on weekends, Their opening days are Monday to Friday.



TO avoid future complications, never allows another person to process your passport for you. When you want to obtain new passport it is advisable to go direct to the officer in charge, instead of approaching a tout who is always ready to do anything.

When you are processing reissue do not forget to take along your present passport.

Whenever they acquired your image do not be in a hurry not to ask for the white paper,  which you will use to collect the passport.

Make sure the officer issue the passport out to you personally to avoid future complications.

Furthermore, never wait until you are about to travel before you process your passport to avoid the issue of no booklets.

Finally, always remember that the passport issued to you remains Nigeria Government’s property, therefore handle it with care.

Hope we are able to provide answers to your questions on how Much Is International Passport In Nigeria 2018, if you have any further questions, get across to me through the comment box below.


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  1. #19,500 for ages 18-59,but the case is always different at the offices of immigration, where from reliable source the cost in Ikoyi is over #30,000 as 11th of Oct. 2017. How do I get mine at the real cost?

    1. Make the payment online. Take the approval to Ikoyi I’m sure they will process it for you. If you can follow it through with patient

  2. Can someone send his or her passport without being present to be extended by a representative in Nigeria?
    This is due to absence of Nigeria consulates in my area of abode?

    1. You must be present for the capturing of your image formality. Nigeria e-passport cannot be process by proxy. Thank you.

  3. Please, of what diplomatic importance is the difference between the 32-pages and the 64-pages passport?

    1. The is no diplomatic advantage. 64 Pages is just for frequent travellers. Nothing else. If you don’t travel frequently you don’t need 64 Pages.

  4. If I want to get a passport now but I don’t really know when I will travel because I have to look for money first
    Which one do prefer I go for the 32 page or 64page?

  5. text me i will love that

  6. My boyfriend is in Nigeria and I’m in the U.S. I’m totally confused on the cost for a passport for him. He wants to travel to the U.S. How much would it cost for a 26 year old to get an international passport in Nigeria? Is it cheaper to apply and pay online?

  7. How much will it cost me to get an international passport.

  8. Pls i’m in fix right now. I applied for a re-issue and paid through payarena platform. When i got to immigration office in owerri i presented the receipt of payment from UBA and was asked to bring the acknowledgment slip without which my passport won’t be processed. I had to pay almost the amont i paid officially yet i’m still being tossed about. Pls how do i get approval for the processing without further frustration? You can reach me through my email address:

    1. Very unfortunate, that is Nigeria for you. You did the right thing. Please go back to the place and ask for the passport officer. He’s the boss, explain to him, definitely he is going to solve the problem.

  9. Since you said those outside the country can attach other travel documents to the paper they are given after the capture, does it mean one can use the white paper issued after data and photo capture to apply for visa at embassies of other countries in Nigeria?

    1. It’s not possible. The white paper is used for passport collection only. Nothing else

  10. i was at the immigration office i was told 35k to renew

    1. That’s not the official fee. Ask for their boss.

  11. Please how much is for renewal of expired passport

  12. Good morning
    Can I do the registration here because the money they are telling menus high 27k for 32 pages and if I want express it is 35k. I am tired

    1. Sorry we don’t do any registration. We are here to provide information. Thanks.

  13. Hi, great job you’re doing here.
    My 1st passport was in Enugu, the 2nd abroad.
    Now I’m in Nigeria and I need to renew the passport.
    Must I go to Enugu for renewal, or can I renew it at any of other govt approved official renewal centers?

    1. Thanks. You can reissue your passport at any passport office of your choice. You’re not restricted to a particular office.

  14. Please can anyone post the step by step process to renew the passport online? I went to ikoyi and they said 30k

    1. That’s very sad. Sorry we are unable to help

  15. Please how can I make online payment for renewal of passport?

    1. Please contact the nearest passport office. Thanks

  16. pls what is the difference between the passport of 32 pages ans 16 pages thank you.

    1. There is nothing as 16 pages. We have 32, and 64 Pages respectively. 64 Pages is for frequently travelling individuals.

  17. can someone pick up my passport on proxy if i am not available?

    1. No. Authority in the passport office will not allow it. Because it may lead to future complications. I strongly advised you to do it by yourself.

  18. Does Asaba have Immigration office? For the issuance of Nigerian passport? If where is the office located.

    1. Please check our website on addresses of all passport offices in Nigeria, you will get it there. Thanks

  19. Good work, keep it up
    I want to ask, after applying for the passport and waiting for the booklet (in the case of no booklet) will I be given my international passport number?

    1. Without a booklet, there cannot be a passport number. You have to wait for booklet

  20. Funmilayo Victoria

    i want to apply for an international scholarship, and they are asking for passport. i dont understand because I dont have any passport apart from a passport photograph.

  21. Good morning, pls how long does it take to renew expired passport

  22. Hello please how long will it take to renew my passport.. Sinc 17th of April till now am till yet to get it and I paid #30,000 just for renewal because that is what they told me. and because of the delay I have miss two of my interview pleas just wanna know how long it takes to get it

    1. O. R. Salahudeen

      Reissue of passport can be done in 36 hours. However it depends on the particular passport office and availability of materials where you went for processing.
      Please get in touch with the passport office for explanation

  23. As at today my brother went to the immigration to find out the cost of me getting an international passport and they say it’s 80,000 naira, but on your web site am seeing a very different result. Please why is that?

    1. O. R. Salahudeen

      Are you serious? Can you tell us which passport office is that?
      Please get your facts right before you write this type of an outrageous amount.

  24. I need someone to help me fastrack the processing of my passport (renewal). I have captured since May 2nd but not yet processed till this moment even after paying 28k.
    I need the passport urgently for submission to embassy. WhatsApp 08066490929

    1. Please go back to the passport office where you paid for the passport. Request to see the officer in charge, complain to him, he will surely assist you.

  25. Please I need a contact person that can help me process my international passport same day tomorrow. I urgently need the data page to process an application. Here is my contact number: 08053334138

    1. Please read piece on “Top 15 passport offices in Nigeria where you can get passport fast”

  26. Wow, I sincerely commend you sir for this great work you’re doing here, bravo!
    My question is, people see different price for either passport reissue or for new production, and whey you get there, they will be telling you another annoying price. I know this is one of the corruptions we’re seeing in this great nation. But something must be done if the authority really wants to do something about it. So What is the authority doing as to stop that corruption?

  27. Anueyiagu Chibuike Michael

    Please what is the difference between the 32 page passport and the 64 page passport. Also how many days will it take me to get my passport after making payment. Thanks.

    1. The 64 Pages is for frequent travellers. Before you make payment ask if the passport office is having booklets. How fast your passport will come out depends on the availability of booklets.

  28. Please I am new applicant please direct me pRoper on how to and were to get it properly thanks

    1. You did not indicate your location, please.

  29. Hello O. R. Salahudeen. You have a very much appreciated information regarding the Nigerian e-passport. I have a situation currently. my wife applied recently for passport renewal/change of name. We actually paid way higher than the normal rate-#45,000 precisely. Now the issue is, she has done her capture but for almost two weeks now, we were told that her own case still needs approval from Abuja which is why its taking time to be ready. This is as against the information that the officer gave us that it will be ready within a day or 2 at most. What could be the issue or what advice would you give on this case?

    1. Please exercise patience. Your passport will soon be ready. Ignore any officer sugar coted talking. He is not sincere. And do not part with funds again. Having done the capturing, nothing will stop the issuance of the passport, provided there is no double acquisition.

  30. for your guaranteed visa contact mrs gloria on 08035061723 or she did visa for my father

  31. What is the difference between Ikoye issued passport and Abeokuta issued passport?

    A friend told me, Ikoye issued passport is more recognized than Abeokuta issued Passport

    1. I don’t really know what you’re taking about. There is no passport office called “Ikoye”
      Passport offices all over the Federation are the same, regardless where a passport was issued.

  32. Validity of 10yrs passport is it with immediate effect

    1. No it is not.

  33. I am in Akwa Ibom State, I don’t know where the passport can be applied and gotten faster. Please I need a recommendation.

    1. Have you apply in Akwa Ibom State? Traffic in that place is manageable compare to Lagos zone.

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