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Citizenship by investment programs are programs composed by a country, to attract wealthy individuals from a different part of the world by providing the opportunity for them to become citizens of their country when they invest their money into their country. We would be listing the top 11 countries with the cheapest citizenship by investment in the world. Citizenship by investment is also known as an immigrant investor program or Golden visa program. Currently, several countries offer this opportunity to foreigners for their country to earn economic investment, giving out citizenship to eligible foreigners to earn foreign capital that they will use to further develop their country. There are several procedures involved that must be fulfilled for the investor to be eligible to acquire a citizenship from a country. Usually, non-refundable contributions are made to specifically target establishments in the country.



There are some countries that offer this citizenship even without the individual not living in the country or not having a permanent residence. These are what we will find out in today’s discussion. 


11 countries that offers citizenship by investment program to immigrants or foreigners


This is the first country that started citizenship by investment program and it is also the most popular program in existence. Currently, they have are new scheme started in March 2018, 150000 USD is required in this program for a sustainable growth fund SGF. It also has a 400000 USD real investment, a property owner for 5 years. This one can be paid twice, that is $200000 USD at a time.  In Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship program, the applicant must not be a resident of the country, he or she can live outside the country and still be qualified to obtain the citizenship and passport.

He or she must not have a business experience, no English tests and no interviews are required.

They offer a lifetime citizenship with onetime investment program.

The family members and children of the main applicant too will be given the opportunity to become citizens of that country as well if they apply.

The citizenship application process will be kept secret for the applicants’ benefit.

The applicant will not have to visit any country for the application processes.

Saint Kitts and Nevis passport can be used to travel to countries like EU Schengen, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Togo etc without a visa.


To qualify for Citizenship by investment in Dominica the applicant or investor will make a one-time donation of 100,000USD to Dominica Government funds, and then 200000 USD property investment in Dominica real estate market. Here are things an applicant must know about Dominica.

It is the cheapest citizenship by investment program in existence currently.

The Dominican second passport is valid for 10 years, though citizenship lasts for a lifetime.

They offer immediate citizenship to the investor’s family and children.

Living in the country, obtaining a permanent residence or visiting the country is not compulsory in acquiring citizenship.

No interviews, Language test or business experience proof is required.

Dominica gives confidential citizenship application process for the benefits of their investors.

Dominican passport can be used to travel to up to 100 foreign countries without a visa, which EU, UK, Switzerland, United States Are included.


Malta Citizenship by investment prides itself as the first European Union authorised citizenship programme  The applicant must reside in the country for at least 1 year before obtaining the citizenship. It takes about  15 months for the citizenship applications to be ready for the investor.

Advantages of Maltese citizenship include:

1. The passport can be used to travel to 163 foreign countries visa-free.

2. The right of working and living in any of European Union countries and other West European countries such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.

3. Your children and  rest of your families automatically become a beneficiary.



It originated in the year 2011, and the investment requirement is quite expensive.  It can be acquired with 2,000,000 Euro, and the applicant not required to reside in Cyprus. The citizenship application process lasts for 4 months. The benefits of Cyprus citizenship by investment include:

1. The passport can be used to travel to 173 countries visa-free

2, You gave the freedom of living and working in any of the European Union countries and other West European countries such as Norway,  Liechtenstein,  Switzerland and  Iceland.

3. Your children and families are direct beneficiary.

4, No language proficiency examination.


Citizenship by investment program originated in 2013, it is one of the cheapest countries that offer this opportunity.  The investor will invest 100,000USD into the government funds. The individual will have to visit the country and spend at least 5 days there. The preparation of the visa will only last for 3 months. The passport of this country can be used to travel to 140 international countries visa-free. 


It originated in 2014 in this country, with the financial investment of 150,000 USD. The applicant must not live in the country, or have any permanent residence, and within 2 months, the applicant will have his or her second passport and citizenship.  The passport can be used to travel to 131 foreign countries without a visa.


In this country JORDAN, investment citizenship can be obtained at $ 1,000,000 USD. It originated in 2018. The investor is not required to reside in the country, and the application processes can last for 2 months. The second passport can be used to travel to 96 foreign without a visa,


It originated in 2018, and it is obtained with the Sum of 100,000 Euro. The applicant is not expected to reside in the country to obtain citizenship, and the application processes can take up to 3months. The Moldova passport can be used to travel to 121 countries without a visa.


In Saint Lucia, $100,000 USD is required for the investor to St Lucia’s Government, 300000 USD property to their real estate market, 500,000 USD government bond which will be refunded to the investor after 5 years and lastly, 3,500,000USD business investment in St Lucia.

Newest citizenship by investment program launched in 2015

Visa-free travel to visit over 120 countries including the UK, EU Schengen states

Fast processing within 2 months

No requirement to live in or visit the country

Very fast processing approval time within 60 days

Confidential application process.

No income, wealth or inheritance taxes.


A one-time contribution of $150,000 USD is made to the Vanuatu Government for single. or 1,800,000 USD for the family. All the application processes last for just 2 months for the applicant to receive citizenship, and the second passport can be used to travel to 126 countries without visa Dual citizenship is permitted and no income tax, capital gain or estate taxes are demanded from applicants.


In Canada, $800,000 CAD is expected to be invested by the investor every thirty days, this money will be refunded without interest after 5 years. The applicant must have a permanent residence to obtain citizenship. He or she will receive citizenship after 3 years if not living in Canada or 2 years if residing in Canada. Currently, Canada is the most expensive country that offers citizenship by investment. The passport they issue to applicants can be used to travel to more than 100 countries without a visa. He or she must be texted for English or French knowledge, must have at least 3 years of business experience. The applicant must be interviewed by the immigration officers when proved eligible will be issued citizenship and second passport.



Citizenship by investment originated in the year 1984, in a small island known as St Kitts and Nevis, the oldest citizenship by investment scheme was in use then, in 1990’s, commonwealth Dominica and Kitts introduced a new scheme of this program, this was known by few individuals in those days. In the year 2009, Kitts and Nevis signed a Visa Waiver agreement with Schengen states, these citizenship programs became greatly appreciated and that was how citizenship by investment became a new means of acquiring citizenship. As year go by, citizenship by investment became famous gradually, at least, 1.1% of wealthy businessmen and individuals, spend their money in the quest to obtain their Golden visa from any country of their choice that has the offer. This means of acquiring citizenship has greatly improved different countries that offer it, saving these countries from financial crises and doom, and helps them to further develop their country.  For an individual already living in a foreign country, it is more profitable to become a citizen of that country, than having a permanent residence. Because it will make it possible for the immigrant to have full right in the country which he had been restricted from, it will make it possible for the children of the immigrant to become citizens of that country, having right to work anywhere he or she wishes, making it possible to travel to many foreign countries without a visa using the second passport, and many other benefits. 



Updated: October 6, 2018 — 1:28 pm

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