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VFS Global Nigeria is designed to help in the tracking of application visa status all over.
VFS Global Nigeria aim is to provide efficient services on behalf of various embassies in Nigeria

Simply put VFS Global is appointed as an outsourced partner for various embassies and foreign missions based in Nigeria in order to facilitate the visa applications for any applicant resident in Nigeria, who need visa to enter his preferred country.

VFS Global provides lots of services which are as follows.
Visa and Passport Application Processing Service: VFS has helped in visa and passport application processing they have provided an end to end solution. The visa and passport application service has different process which includes.
Information dissemination which can be done via printed media, internet and call centre.
Creating, maintain and updating websites with visa information to help applications online and tracking the progress of applications.
Educating and advising travel agents, airlines and education agents.
Distributions of application forms and printed material at designated visa application centres.
Responding to inquires by telephone, postal mail and email.
Providing personalised guidance to applicants.
VFS Accepts Documents On Behalf of the Visa Application centres.
No refund of application
Neutral acceptance of application.
Council applicants whose applications are invalid for any reason and require further documentation.
Accept applications across the counter after reviewing them for compietness and validity based on checklist supplied by the diplomatic mission.
Checklists are signed by applicants and staff before acceptance.
Accept passport and documents after required pre-scruting.



The VFS also provides services of biometrics enrolment fixed and mobile solutions, which will be able to suit your business. The Biometric solutions offer services like;
Identity checking and authentication capabilities
Fingers, facial, dual iris and signature capture.
End to end biometric solutions and system integration
Easy accessibility of enrolment centres.
Appointment Scheduling: The company has schedule over five million appointments for 12 diplomatic missions in 14 countries since its launch in 2005. They offer the following services regarding to appointments which are;
One to one match of applicant to appointment.
Consular administration module.
Applicants interface view.
Single database for each country appointment system.
Proven ability to prevent group appointments.
The VFS global has a proprietary appointment scheduling system that can be programmed to create slot capacity by parameters of date, time, range and visa type. The VFS global system is able to ensure that no applicants book multiple appointments using the same name and even passport number.
The VFS Global provides services like Identity Management and Citizen services.
Operational logistical and life cycle support
Systems, solutions and service integration capabilities
The VFS Global has offered world class service and up till now they are rated as one of the best. Apart from all of these, the company also engage in Biometrics enrolment and this started in the year 2007 for the home office which is the UK, other follow suits. Today the company biometrics solution are used by several client government worldwide for services like multi mission model, single tenancy solution, mobile biometric and authentication system. The biometric solution which the VFS offers can be deployed in a fixed or even on as a mobile clinic. They can provide;
Single tenancy solutions which includes the full range of applications and enrolment services front official dedicated to a single client and they also provide others like the
Multi mission agency solutions which makes it available so that the front office can be cohabited by the survival clients and so much more.
Using the verification services, the VFS global launched its attestation services in the year 2008 with the purpose of providing visa applicants screening solutions for diplomatic mission. In adding value, to the diplomatic missions they launched the verification process and they also have the capability to provide verification services in over 100 countries.


VFS global also provides attestation services. Attestation is the process of authenticating certificates and documents for genuineness. VFS offers attestation for 11 countries in the world and they can offer in a single stop service station to undertake multi country attestation services for various nationalities and the VFS global can also offer and impressive global operational nation and expensive skill.
The VFS global do lots of things apart from the visual tracking we all know about, in fact they have a lists of expertise on some areas which are like;
Security Practices: The company provide security and confidentiality of clients data to the highest priority, this makes the company to develop high quality and extremely robust security solutions at each level.

Under security practices, they offer the following:
1. Corporate security function
2. Risk management methodology
3. Visa application security practices and so much more.
4. IT and Data Security: The company has advanced technological solutions like secured capture and transfer of biometrics alongside the fulfilment of hardware requirements, software integration and enrolment solutions. Under the IT and Data security.

VFS global also provides:
Information Security, IT Governance Risk and Compliance.
Other expertise of the company are disaster management, programme and project management and quality.


NO, 38, Lobito Crescent

Wuse 2


Opening from Monday  to Friday except public holiday


Menon Hall, plot 110,

Admiral Ayinla way

Opposite treasure garden estate,

Lekki phase 1.


Much has been said about the VFS global, we believe you now know a lot about them, their services and everything they do. Tracking your application has just been made easier for you, and using their services will help you a lot. We believe the VFS global is very useful and important to us all.

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