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Knowing the US visa fees in Nigeria is very important as this will enable you in planning for your journey ahead.
Visa applicants including children are required to pay a certain amount of fee, even if the visa issued or not. There are different types of visa in which you can apply for, each one carries its amount of US visa fees in Nigeria.

It should be known that some applicants for U.S visas are not required to pay a fee. This is meant for those that are applying for an A or G visa for official travel or for a J visa to participate in certain U.S government activities.



The U.S visa fees vary from time to time, as it is advised for you to know the current exchange rate before making your payment. You should note that the payment must be made using local currency in the bank. It should also be known that your visa application fee is non-refundable and you cannot transfer it to another person. A receipt will be given to you after payment, the time duration of the receipt to be valid is one year and from this time, it is necessary that you schedule an interview at the U.S embassy/consulate general, all of this must be done while the receipt is still valid. If you do not schedule an interview between the duration of one year, you must pay the fee again and start the process all over.

There are various payment option you can adopt in the payment of your US visa fee in Nigeria. We have the

  • Cash at bank and
  • The online payment method.

Applicants can easily make payment at the bank with the exception of the K visa applicants, who must pay at the U.S consulate general in Lagos. You can go to the nearest GTBank branch and ask for details on how to make your payment.
Using the online payment method also requires using the GTBank by using their online bill payment service. You will be using your payment code which is also known as the UID. This payment code is created after you create your online profile at the beginning of the online payment process. The code is used in verifying your payment and this allows you to schedule your visa interview.

Moving on to the set appointment date, as this stage is not very difficult for you all. You can schedule your interview within a few hours of paying your visa application fee at GT bank branch. You can schedule the appointment online or contact the call center. At this stage, you will need the payment code to be printed on your receipt and you also need your passport number in order to schedule your interview.

US Visa Fees In Nigeria

Information about the US visa fees in Nigeria payment and also scheduling of appointment has been given to you. Making payment for your visa will be a very easy process for you now. Below, we are going to list the visa types and their fees and also with the current amount here in Nigeria, as this will enable you to make further preparations. Every detail given below are very much correct and they tally with the current exchange rate in the country.

Visa Types Visa Fees AMT In Naira Class
Business or Tourist  $160 N64,000 B
Transit $160 N64,000 C-1
Ship or Airline Crew $160 N64,000 D
Student (Academic)  $160 N64,000 F
Treaty Trades $160 N82,000 E
Fiancee or Spouse of US Citizens $240 N106,000 K
Religion Worker  $190 N76,000 R
Journalist and Media $160 N64,000 I
Exchange Visitors $160 N64,000 J
Student (Vocational) $160 N64,000 M
Victim of Human Trafficking  $160 N64,000 T
NAFTA Professionals $160 N64,000 TN/TD
Victim of Criminal Activity $160 N64,000 U
Temporary or Seasonal Worker $190 N76,000 H
Intercompany Transferees  $190 N76,000 L
Persons with extraordinary Ability $190 N76,000 O
Athletes, Artists, and Entertainers $190 N76,000 P
International Cultural Exchange $190 N76,000 Q

More on US Visa Fees In Nigeria / Visa Application

We have given been able to give you a list of all the visa types and their fees which are attached to them in NGN or in dollars. The current exchange rate is used to make all of these change. However, you should also check your bank if there was an increase or a reduction in the exchange rate, as this would affect the payment in NGN.

The application fee which was shown above, of the most common non-immigrant visa type, is $160, they are for the tourists, business, and student and exchange visas. K visas cost $240, E visas are $205 while most petition visas cost $190. We should know that those who apply for the K visa, must make their payment at the GTB bank only. All instructions must be followed so that you should make any mistake during your payment, as it will be difficult to get a refund back for you.
There are some visa types which requires no fee and there are also certain conditions which are attached to them. Lucky for you, if you are in any of this category, because we will call this a free trip, but not actually entirely free, because of the conditions, well let’s spill them out for you to read and see if you fall in any of this category.

If a parent, sibling, spouse or child of the US government employee killed in the line of duty who is travelling to attend funeral or burial of an employee, or a parent, sibling, spouse, son or daughter of the US government employee critically injured in the line of duty for visitation during emergency treatment and convalescence.

Replacement of a machine, readable visa when the original visa was not properly affixed or the visa needs to be reissued through no fault of the applicant.

There will be no fee required from a U.S government employee traveling on official business.

  • Applicants for A, G, C-2, C-3, NATO and diplomatic visas are not required to pay a fee.
  • Applicants who are holding J visas and who are participating in certain official U.S government-sponsored educational and cultural exchanges.
  • Applicants traveling to provide charitable services.
    Applicants who are exempted by international agreement, including members and staffs of an observer mission to
  • United Nations Headquarters, recognized by the UN general assembly and their intermediate families.
  • All of these applicants who have listed above, will not pay any required fee. As you can see they were all stated with conditions.

Moving on, there are other fees, which some category of people are to pay the SEVIS fee which is meant for the students and exchange visitors information system. This system is an internet-based system that tracks F, M and J participants from time to time included.


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